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I Want To Know How To Grow is a colorful and straightforward children's picture book full of pet, zoo and farm animal photos and instructional, informative and witty rhymes. It offers preschool and young adolescent children enlightenment at an early age. All of its talking points are of supreme value and motivates parents to enjoyably and openly discuss its important talking points helpful to explain and suggest things in a manner that preschoolers and young adolescents can easily and clearly understand with the aid of the animal pictures and short rhymes that can have a strong and lasting influence with what’s “put into foreheads” “put into practice” growing up in today's world.

Some of the book’s animal photos and rhymes help instill a sense of rightness able to talk about morals and encourage them at an early age to strive to be in harmony and cooperation with others, to not bully or allow themselves to be bullied, nor insult or purposely hurt any boy or girl, or be prejudice against anyone. It brings about a good time to talk about how to keep themselves safe out in the world, to beware of strangers, to explain the importance of telling someone if someone does bad things to them and offers an opportunity to gently usher in talking about sexual molestation or abuse of any kind by anyone, even family members, as well as human trafficking of very young children and the dangers of becoming gang members and smoking and drinking at an early age or accepting and doing drugs that may be offered to them. Little children are very alert and many absolutely aware of everything going on in their environment and in the world. Ready for the world is how children need to be growing up in today's society!

"My hopes are for the colorful animal pictures and short rhymes to help bring about parent and child conversations reading the book together. I was very particular about the talking points. There’s so much that’s vital for children to know, fully understand and put into practice growing up in today’s world. I welcome you to browse and utilize what I pray touches the hearts and minds of many readers of my book I WANT TO KNOW HOW TO GROW by Teresa L. Irvin."




What People are Saying

Thank you Teresa!!! I love this book! I've read it to my grandson twice already and he thoroughly enjoys it. It was very sweet of you to think of me and I am very touched. Keep up the great work and let me know if you publish anything else!!– Jean Macaluso 

I received a book called "I Want To Know How To Grow" and gave it to my great granddaughter to read and she really enjoyed it. That same evening she read it to her brother and he also enjoyed it. Hope to see more books coming from the writer. Keep up the good work.– Alfreda Rivers 

I Want To Know How To Grow is a Wonderful, Vibrant expression, facilitating Word to illustration comprehension. This children’s book is enveloped in everyday practical tools for the young reader’s future growth potential. The different animals were a great touch and way to introduce new beginnings.  Great Job!– Darlene Crowley 

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