For God’s Sake, Imagine What You Want To Be And Keep Trying

Children as well as adults need to be responsible to make the free time to think and to dream and fulfill bucket lists and enjoy daring adventures and be a good role model always putting forth efforts to achieve.

Consider your child’s wishes and interests, and teach them to be dedicated to their dreams. It’s taken a long time to reach my goals, and that’s because I lost the passion needed to achieve my goals. It’s back, and this time, I am going to keep this passion alive in me full of positive action and unwavering faith.

As a Poet, I love words and how their usage can inspire and instruct and how nature photos can uplift spirits and show God and Nature are real and their power and wisdom and love for us making the Earth beneficial to us in so many diverse ways for our whole well-being, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. We see God and Nature have been at work together for us, which we all should appreciate.

Keep your passions, interests, skills and determinations ever growing better! Encourage your children to do the same. That’s our freedom to choose and progress using our God-created selves and abilities for our own betterment and joys and that may be beneficial to others and God’s will done living life together here on Earth doing our great part as all of humanity is capable of imagining and accomplishing continuously learning and striving and achieving for God’s and our own sake with improvements made keeping focused and dedicated to the abilities we see we’re given for the betterment of our own lives and possibly others dynamically affected by our existence. Keep hope and faith alive and actively functioning wisely and positively. For God’s sake, see what you want to be, set goals, keep trying and do your best!

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