Everybody’s Godma

“It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings”. 

Wow! I saw that quote and it summoned up what I am advocating and what I am doing is all about. I’m everybody’s godma!

My motivation in writing and publishing I Want To Know How To Grow is to get you to get into conversations with your kids to teach them what they need to become healthy and active and well educated and kind-hearted youth in this world in their new beginning of their generation being capable of taking good care of themselves and knowledgeable enough to relate to and accept the diversity of others they come into direct contact and communication with. 

I hope to inspire you to inspire your child at a very early age to find themselves and grow using their observed talents and skills and the wisdom and direction they’ve obtained for the betterment of themselves and human society knowing right from wrong and what’s the unacceptable behavior of others, peers and adults.

I imagined using animal pictures and rhymes as a way to help give them insight about things I believe most significant to growing up as an individual and as an individual in the world. They need the direction talking to them can help them ultimately realize, making them think and envision, learn and accept, establish as a good habit and goals, and to put forth efforts guided along the right path by a warm, supportive parent and environment most important to helping develop their whole being and their social skills and to begin to build character and their future starting at an early age.

I hope this Children’s Picture Book is a joy to read together, sparks question and answer conversations and is instrumental to your child’s lives and to your personal time spent together reading it.

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