Embracing God and Christ and the Kingdom of God Within

Be led by the Holy Spirit and Christ recognizing their Glorified Living Spirit operating through your ‘Godly Mindset”, spiritually minded, and having and enjoying having the “Life More Abundantly” promised, and having the ‘Peace of Mind and Heart That Comes With Christ” and “The Liberty That Comes With The Spirit” finding and turning to the Holy Spirit and Christ within you and who’s perfect will is to be trusted and is done, experiencing sanctification, and strengthened, a new giver of love, joy, peace and kindness, goodness and gentleness, and exercising faithfulness and self-control, transformed by the work of the Holy Spirit within us living new spirit-filled lives obedient to God and to Christ we’re exalted and evolved by spiritually, spiritually matured and committed to God understanding the most highest wisdom received and the most noblest life full conscious of the Salvation we’ve received, no longer ignorant of the reality and presence of God and of Christ in us and in the world in others also perfect revelations of God’s Presence and Holiness, not “Foolishness”.

What is “Put Into Foreheads” by God and taken heed to is “Put Into Practice”, no longer rebellious, transformed into a new “Divinized” Human Being in our new manhood and new womanhood and new life turned to God. We’re enlightened and empowered to live a new wise and virtuous life no longer conformed to the world, believing in God and in God’s Christ we commune with, are focused upon, converse with and have a rapport with in our heart and mind, and our wills joyously and confidently surrender to the will of God and realizing experiencing what God has in mind for us, God’s will done not ours, like Christ, always ready to avenge all disobedience to God, no longer a slave to the convictions of sin, which is evident seeing our conscious will submissive to God’s will. 

There’s new opportunities and events manifested by God’s will with excellence, with God’s perfectness, us blessed and exalted, forgiven and given God’s Salvation and Mercy and “A New Beginning”, the “Former Things Passed Away”, enjoying a divine and spiritual acquaintance with God while still in the flesh and conscious and under the influence of the Holy Spirit obedient to God and to Christ “The King of Kings and Lord of Lords”.

Ours is a new “Heavenly Life”, an “Earthly Paradise Life” on Earth, as a “New and Different Person” with a “Fresh Newness” in all we think and do wise and free, God’s, not Satan’s, no longer bound to Satan or to sin, no longer blind or ignorant or in darkness, entered into God’s Light on God’s path for us in the new life we’re rewarded an invitation to by God, into God’s Kingdom of Heaven “Made Alive” and a “New Creature” saved, enlightened, healed and strengthened and growing being of righteousness dwelling with God and the peoples of the Earth, which “belongs to God and God’s Christ”, made God’s True Child and True Friend and obedient “Servant”, not a “Slave”, no longer Satan’s “Slave” or in darkness which leads to Death, now enjoying a new Heavenly Life within, and in our new “Outer Life” entered into the Kingdom Of Heaven Where Jesus Christ is King, God and Christ we’re adopted by and love and obey!


LISTEN TO THE SONG: Bring Back The Hope For God’s Promise To Enter The Kingdom Of Heaven©️

Words, Melody, Lead and Background Vocals by Teresa L. Irvin

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