Embracing God and Christ and the Kingdom of God Within

Be led by the Holy Spirit and Christ recognizing their Glorified Living Spirit operating through your ‘Godly Mindset”, spiritually minded, and having and enjoying having the “Life More Abundantly” promised, and having the ‘Peace of Mind and Heart That Comes With Christ” and “The Liberty That Comes With The Spirit” finding and turning to the Holy Spirit and Christ within you and who’s perfect will is to be trusted and is done, experiencing sanctification, and strengthened, a new giver of love, joy, peace and kindness, goodness and gentleness, and exercising faithfulness and self-control, transformed by the work of the Holy Spirit within us living new spirit-filled lives obedient to God and to Christ we’re exalted and evolved by spiritually, spiritually matured and committed to God understanding the most highest wisdom received and the most noblest life full conscious of the Salvation we’ve received, no longer ignorant of the reality and presence of God and of Christ in us and in the world in others also perfect revelations of God’s Presence and Holiness, not “Foolishness”.Continue reading

Happy New Birth Day

Revelation 22:17 “And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely”.

For REAL Life, you must have faith and learn, and you’ll be saved, “made alive”, not “dead’, “raised up into a new life from the dead” in body and soul, and awakened, nourished, refreshed and regenerated, having repented, and obedient now, having the “will to do the will of God”, on the right path and of righteousness, under God’s Divine Influence, having “Come”, and by the “flow of God’s greatness”, living a new spirit-filled life obedient to God, what learned practiced, experiencing the “purification of one’s thoughts”, and with no more hindrance, come to Christ no longer turned to the sin of the world and healed, yielding to the will of God, God’s knowledge and truths received, understood and wholly and confidently, constantly and obediently doing right, God’s will, cleansed by the “water of life” and a “new and different person” with a “fresh newness” in all we “think and do”, the “new birth process” complete.Continue reading

For God’s Sake, Imagine What You Want To Be And Keep Trying

Children as well as adults need to be responsible to make the free time to think and to dream and fulfill bucket lists and enjoy daring adventures and be a good role model always putting forth efforts to achieve.

Consider your child’s wishes and interests, and teach them to be dedicated to their dreams. It’s taken a long time to reach my goals, and that’s because I lost the passion needed to achieve my goals. It’s back, and this time, I am going to keep this passion alive in me full of positive action and unwavering faith.

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As predestined our souls are attuned and surrendered to God and to God’s will, purposes and plan for us newly experiencing the beingness of God’s “Image and Likeness”, “the glorious divine reality” of proof of God’s active presence in human life responsive and responsible doing our great part in human society under the influence and enlightenment and guidance into action of the Holy Spirit “born into” us, our new true self that is our “Image and Likeness” of God we’ve become with a new sense of ownership of God’s will being done having new longings and a fresh perspective of the glorious reality and liberty of being raised up into a new life that’s our soul’s living as a “new and different person” with a “fresh newness” in all we think and do transformed by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit and the inherent will of God done in our new spirit-filled life obedient to God we’re the “reflector” of as God has in mind “in an instant”.Continue reading